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Your success is determined by your mindset, physical and emotional balance.

Develop key areas in your perceptions and actions, so that you gain an edge in performance through:

  • A clear vision for success
  • Strategy and structure
  • Planning and implementation
  • Emotional intelligence and behavioural insights
  • Achievement through accountability measures
  • Systems and process reviews

Working with The Alpha Potential serves to maximise success through a results driven process.

Awaken your potential and learn how achieve everything you deserve by expanding your life to fill the complete area allocated to your being. Whatever happens in your life, our tools allow you to achieve something extraordinary from it.

Business and life should be fun. The Alpha Potential’s education and coaching is always just a little out of the ordinary; ensuring that your outcomes are extraordinary.

Emotional Intelligence

Stress in your life; whether financial, relational, dietary, medical, insomnia, exercise or caused by workload or deadlines blur your ability to engage the energy of emotions and place you ahead of your peers.

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Executive Leadership Coaching

As an executive Key Performance Indicators, results and delivered outcomes rule your workspace. Your passion is constrained to the corporate culture in which you function. The broader objectives of the company enclose your creativity and problem solving.

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Small Business Consulting

So, you own a small business? Great, you are part of the largest group of employers in the country.
One of 2 million people whose passion is the reason they go to work in Australia.  You love what you do. So much you do it for 60 or more hours per week. You are also tired of the grind. It is not what you thought it would be. Do you know what your business really looks like?

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The Five Steps To Your Success

How to start building the business that will give you freedom to live the life you deserve.

What our clients are saying

Wally Salinger is a highly regarded facilitator and trainer with extensive experience in Business and Group Development. Wally brings a fresh innovative approach to business development and is a lateral thinker.

Keiran Passmore, Executive Director at University of Sydney

Starting with a vision and defined plan, Wally took a hands on approach creating and developing the business in a new market with a new model. He was instrumental in creating the business model that works.
Wally’s drive and passion combined with his strategic thinking and management skills have been a key to the success of the business.

Greg Todd, Business Turnaround, Operations & Manufacturing Management, Product Development & Comercialisation

Wally is an enthusiastic and detail oriented professional. He is pleasant to deal with and his knowledge of his industry is a real asset when you are discussing business plans and strategies with him.
He always comes across with new ideas and I greatly appreciate his out of the box thinking.

Aroop Banerjee, Director - Sales and Marketing at Management Consulting

Thank you so much. It is great to know someone believes in me. Just did another post and have taken on board what you said about links and updated my Google account.

Cheryl Smith, www.Imfunduafrica.com

Thanks for the (coaching) call yesterday. And this document! It’s awesome! Spoke to the hairdresser; I also spoke to 2 other businesses, and used these principles and will get some work from at least 1 of them. A productive day, thank you!

Merrin Munroe, Chief Geek, The Small Business Geeks