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Viewing posts from: September 2015

Swimming is a regular morning routine. As the water reminds me I was or should be a dolphin, I notice a regular co-visitor. Mr. Zhou and his wife practice Chinese Yoga poolside, then he rolls out a few laps with me. He is a new Australian, migrating from his beloved life of teaching in his home town at the point of his retirement. At what cost?  

Small business normally operates at one end of the extreme spectrum. Until you have conducted a small business you don't understand what a 'struggle' is; just like a person who has always had enough to eat does not understand the meaning of hunger or desperation. If business is booming, the pressure of delivery, growth, physical stress of staying on top of things leaves many business owners in one of two situations; working too many hours without balance or so far removed from their business they don't see what to do next.