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Viewing posts from: June 2016

Extreme views provide us with the opportunity to examine polar opposites. The Startup Economy teaches it is ok to fail. Most things are not wrong but right in most ways. Political correctness provides the means for us to tolerate things we actually oppose and children learn that they can resist exams until they pass. The mindset of talking rather than doing pervades everyday life is enhanced by the ease which any Extreme Views of Terrorists  

PTSD is living in the debilitating world of reliving cycles of trauma. Symptoms may include nightmares and insomnia, violent or emotionally extreme responses to everyday occurrences and being unable to form or maintain relationships. This umbrella list includes thousands of variations. No two cases are exactly the same and two people who experience the same situation may respond totally differently.  

Sydney Deluge

Severe rain in Sydney has caused major disruptions to traffic, public transport and communications infrastructure. In the first 3 days of winter, the total average June rainfall was dumped on a city that had been basking in the warmest May weather in history.
Perspective - what do you see in the rain?

Photo: ABC News