GUEST POST  - The Hedonist Entrepreneur - Paul J. Lange
fear the known or unknown People don’t fear the unknown. They fear the end of that which they know and have habitualised (internalised habitually). Faith and fear are like light and dark. Both pairs are part of the same one thing and exist so that the observer within each of us can differentiate in the physical reality we experience. Both pairs are also opposites and cannot occupy the same physical space at the same point in physical time. Know fear, acknowledge it and move beyond it. Resisting it will simply enable it to persist. When you give over to fear you fuel the paradigms of your current experiences and empower them to control your actions. When you acknowledge it and move beyond it, embracing faith you open up 10,000 doors of infinite potentiality. Be your best you now that you can ever be. Then rinse and repeat.

Paul J. Lange

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