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Who we are

Wally Salinger

Wally Salinger – Head Coach at The Alpha Potential

Building a start up business in the health and beauty industries, developing a property portfolio, and building two education businesses, Wally’s work as a specialist educator and study into the neuroscience of learning and engagement empowers his unique development process of the true potential of business owners and managers.

Wally delivers effective personal and professional coaching systems, powerful personal development, human potential and sales training programs, and quality leadership and communication strategies to individuals and businesses Australia wide.

Expertise drawn from business, education, sports coaching provide balance and challenge in a coaching environment that is results-driven.

The Alpha Potential Values

These values guide our business, our engagement with coaching clients, our relationships with business owners and our brand. We insist on the application of these values by our employees.

These values remain constant as the Alpha Potential engages with you and grows.

No Closed Office Doors – Open Company

Being ‘true to yourself’ is epitomised by the transparency we embrace wherever practical, and sometimes where impractical. We are not afraid of being honest with ourselves, our staff and our customers. 

Balance Heart and Action

We provide coaching, education and services that improve the wellbeing of individuals and organisations. Balancing the heart means caring about what we’re doing and how it will allow our clients, colleagues and stakeholders to live amazing lives. It’s a mission, not just a job.

Don’t #@!% the Customer

We test our decisions by asking, “How will this affect our customers?” If the answer is that it would ‘screw’ them, or make life more difficult, then we need to find a better way.

We want the customer to love and respect us in the morning.

Play as a Team in our Community

We want our personal coaching clients, business customers and all our staff to feel like they work with the Alpha Potential, not for the Alpha Potential. We have fun with our co-workers while contributing to the growth of your potential.