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GUEST POST  - The Hedonist Entrepreneur - Paul J. Lange
fear the known or unknown People don’t fear the unknown. They fear the end of that which they know and have habitualised (internalised habitually). Faith and fear are like light and dark. Both pairs are part of the same one thing and exist so that the observer within each of us can differentiate in the physical reality we experience. Both pairs are also opposites and cannot occupy the same physical space at the same point in physical time. Know fear, acknowledge it and move beyond it. Resisting it will simply enable it to persist. When you give over to fear you fuel the paradigms of your current experiences and empower them to control your actions. When you acknowledge it and move beyond it, embracing faith you open up 10,000 doors of infinite potentiality. Be your best you now that you can ever be. Then rinse and repeat.

Paul J. Lange

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Extreme views provide us with the opportunity to examine polar opposites. The Startup Economy teaches it is ok to fail. Most things are not wrong but right in most ways. Political correctness provides the means for us to tolerate things we actually oppose and children learn that they can resist exams until they pass. The mindset of talking rather than doing pervades everyday life is enhanced by the ease which any Extreme Views of Terrorists  

PTSD is living in the debilitating world of reliving cycles of trauma. Symptoms may include nightmares and insomnia, violent or emotionally extreme responses to everyday occurrences and being unable to form or maintain relationships. This umbrella list includes thousands of variations. No two cases are exactly the same and two people who experience the same situation may respond totally differently.  

Sydney Deluge

Severe rain in Sydney has caused major disruptions to traffic, public transport and communications infrastructure. In the first 3 days of winter, the total average June rainfall was dumped on a city that had been basking in the warmest May weather in history.
Perspective - what do you see in the rain?

Photo: ABC News


The sculptor Rodin produced The Thinker over a 25 year period - from the creation of the first plaster mould in 1880 until it's casting in 1902 and the bronze's public unveiling in 1904. Artists study the details of the work of the master. Essays focus on single limbs and the emotion conveyed. It was part of the undergraduate program at the RMIT School of Movement Sciences. It launched my love of the role movement plays in thinking, memory, behaviour and performance. Rodin-Thinker A presentation in my first week at RMIT changed by life. The opening slide of the impact of muscle activity and the implications of movement on thinking, brain cell growth, hormone balancing, stress reduction and total well-being was the Rodin's quote,

"What makes my Thinker think is that he thinks not only with his brain, with his knitted brow, his distended nostrils and compressed lips, but with every muscle of his arms, back, and legs, with his clenched fist and gripping toes."