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Our Minds Create Our External Reality

When we discuss situations that we really enjoyed; our mind warps time. Consider for a moment how long the Summer school holidays were as a child. Endless days of heat; whether they were spent at the beach, carefree on farms or in the local rivers or lakes. Recollections of these times seemed to last forever. It is not because we were young, or the sun was hotter. Our mind re-creates pleasurable experiences so we have the chance to relive them again.  

I cried in public during my last holidays in Sri Lanka. I didn't set out to, and I was not alone. I think the vision created by this place was the culprit; 3 years ago.

The Vision is Born

The View at 98 Acres, Ella, Sri Lanka

Rewind to 2013 - The Vision

It was a hot day in Nuwara Eliya as we stepped onto the dusty platform from the Kandy Train. Bustling crowds searched for loved ones, and desperate drivers sought out cash laden tourists. 6 or 8 drivers with various levels of English and German, cars and fashion sense eagerly touted for our business. A young guy touched my elbow and simply said, "This is my town, let me take you where you need to go." My partner was still haggling over price with 3 other drivers  

It took me almost 3 weeks to unwind from my National Franchise Manager and Business Development Manager duties. We were on holidays surrounded by the Sri Lankan smile in the countryside that was recently ravaged by civil war. People were happy regardless of their socio-economic status, education or personal circumstances. What’s even better they loved Aussies;  

The state of happiness is one of the hardest states to remain in. When we feel joy, somehow the shadow that hangs over us is that it just can't last. If it is not from work in us, then those around us to convince us that something bad must shortly happen, regardless of how good things look at the moment it won't remain.  

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