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Global Mindset Shifts Improve Well Being In The 3rd World.

18 months ago I began coaching clients in the 3rd world. It was a battle to determine hourly coaching rates! How could I justify charging 2 months salary for a single hour per month? Was I ignoring the poor who could never afford this? Would 'Western' Thought and Strategies apply in a land tied to superstitions and religious ritual? Could the training developed under the hand of Cham Tang and Ben Harvey at Authentic Education get the results I was used to in Sydney, Australia? With little advertising, lots of face to face networking and a steep "J Curve" of learning, it was time to 'test and measure' and find out! We began with 4 frightened Sri Lankans aged 25 - 27 seated on a single long white couch in our lounge room. 1 understood English and pseudo translated what others said and thought. These 4 'Guinea Pigs' represented all that is great about Sri Lanka. They were happy. Wanted to be successful. Their public education was a sound foundation. They had jobs that paid they didn't like and paid them a meagre salary. They all had the same request; "We want to start a business." Manoj is a mathematics teacher. He taught private classes and was good at his job; gaining a reputation for great results. His classes grew from 20 - 50 students over the next year.  Chathuranga worked as an Auditor, not having passed his A levels with high enough grades to get to university. Sampath worked as a manager for a paving manufacturer, Sundunil was an area sales manager. I asked them what business they wanted to start. "Driving Tourists" a legitimate and serious section of the tourism sector and seen as a fast track to easy money, big tips in foreign currencies and the opportunity to become fluent in a third language. It wasn't an ideal fit and a series of strategic questions [Which car? How will you find clients? Is your English of a sufficient standard? Do you have Tourist Board Licences? What do you know about the tourism sector?] helped the 4 decide to look at other businesses. Their second and third choices, after being set homework and research tasks were dismissed also. Manoj at Rio Magic

Applying a Global Mindset Shift

Fast forward 2 months. The group arrived as we made ice creams. All natural. Sri Lankan sweet lovers heaven. The idea bubble went off in Manoj's head. I will start an ice cream shop, for Sri Lankans! Applying a different mindset and setting out business strategies resulted in RioMagic Icecream being born with an instantly profitable business from its first month of operation. Manoj has gone on to open a second store; has broken some of the foundation principles of the Alpha Basix Business Model and seen the results. His learnings have made him wiser. The profit from his RioMagic has grown to the point he has stopped teaching 7 days and commenced his own local Wedding Hall and Hotel. His mindset has grown. He has shifted his own concepts to a new level and referred clients to the Alpha Potential. 14 months after the initial discussion, Sampath stepped out on his own. Applying the learning from his past business, he has set up his own factory and production plant. He needs more help with marketing, sales and production line efficiency. But he has begun! Chathuranga is set to launch a Sri Lankan speciality - the Rice & Curry Shop. He has kept he financial records for RioMagic, watched Sampath start up and as a cautious accounting type is proceeding in a small scale operation to learn how to be a business owner. His projection is to open within 90 days. Due to the 3rd world's red tape, this is 5 months after initial forecasts. But he is on track and managing his next steps very carefully.

What Does the Future Hold?

The single most difficult metric to predict or project in the 3rd World is the year on year outcome, growth or development of a business. Whilst the West concerns itself with a 1/4% rise in interest rates by a central bank; a single decision by a 3rd World government or the countries or organisations who control its national debt, a 10% increase in everyday items such as cooking fuels or petrol; can quickly reverse good fortunes to huge losses. Given the above, enormous opportunity for personal development, business profit, personal wealth and familial welfare exist in tandem. The greater challenge is to manage success and develop a mindset which allows the individual to take control of their personal welfare. The majority of the population never rise to the challenge of stepping into the unknown. They fear not doing what their parents and the locals around them did all their lives. It is the inability to understand that doing the same thing as your parents will produce the same outcomes. A base level of education and a long-term mentor are required to guide an individual who has never been exposed to the methodology of change, the tools available to assist in the development of a powerful mindset which allows us to grow and rise through our differences, rather than remain the same as the pack. It is so pleasing to find the few who choose the path less followed, unsure of the eventual outcome, but prepared to walk, discover, be led and be challenged on a daily basis. The question is, which path will you choose? Not sure? Email wally@thealphapotential.com

GUEST POST  - The Hedonist Entrepreneur - Paul J. Lange
fear the known or unknown People don’t fear the unknown. They fear the end of that which they know and have habitualised (internalised habitually). Faith and fear are like light and dark. Both pairs are part of the same one thing and exist so that the observer within each of us can differentiate in the physical reality we experience. Both pairs are also opposites and cannot occupy the same physical space at the same point in physical time. Know fear, acknowledge it and move beyond it. Resisting it will simply enable it to persist. When you give over to fear you fuel the paradigms of your current experiences and empower them to control your actions. When you acknowledge it and move beyond it, embracing faith you open up 10,000 doors of infinite potentiality. Be your best you now that you can ever be. Then rinse and repeat.

Paul J. Lange

Exit Strategist, Investment Readiness, Inspired Process International Veteran Private Equity Industry, Investor, Venture Capitalist, Strategic Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Author, Mentor For more information read

Our Minds Create Our External Reality

When we discuss situations that we really enjoyed; our mind warps time. Consider for a moment how long the Summer school holidays were as a child. Endless days of heat; whether they were spent at the beach, carefree on farms or in the local rivers or lakes. Recollections of these times seemed to last forever. It is not because we were young, or the sun was hotter. Our mind re-creates pleasurable experiences so we have the chance to relive them again.  

I cried in public during my last holidays in Sri Lanka. I didn't set out to, and I was not alone. I think the vision created by this place was the culprit; 3 years ago.

The Vision is Born

The View at 98 Acres, Ella, Sri Lanka

Rewind to 2013 - The Vision

It was a hot day in Nuwara Eliya as we stepped onto the dusty platform from the Kandy Train. Bustling crowds searched for loved ones, and desperate drivers sought out cash laden tourists. 6 or 8 drivers with various levels of English and German, cars and fashion sense eagerly touted for our business. A young guy touched my elbow and simply said, "This is my town, let me take you where you need to go." My partner was still haggling over price with 3 other drivers  

Santa owns a small business that keeps growing, regardless of the economic cycles. What are some of the secrets we can learn from a business that makes money just one month each year?